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Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how post acute providers use our products to increase productivity and patient outcomes.

Jan Vergara - Care Coordinator / Case Manager

“It’s very user friendly. I was able to maximize my time management. I’m able to switch from different tabs, different patients and have everything opened at once.”

Jenette Herrera - Case Manager / Nursing Supervisor

“It makes it fast and accurate to provide patient care. I’m able to find out what happened in the previous nursing visit and to be able to look at the wound care that was done.”

"D&D Home Healthcare, Inc. did not simply meet the CHAP's Standards of Excellence; but, in fact, exceeded every core standard and requirement. At the end of the weekly-site visit from Community Home Accreditation Partner (CHAP), it was declared that the agency was "a surveyor's dream come true." 

The agency invests heavily in continuous learning, and every member of the team is dedicated to participating in training programs and educational workshops. Ultimately, D&D's expertly executed teamwork and communication were the keys to success for achieving the highest standards of care for our patients.

The seamless workflow between team members would not have been possible without Perfect Home Health Software. Perfect's enhanced customization features allowed D&D to tackle the new [Conditions of Participation] with efficiency and accuracy. As we developed our new programs, we customized our notes and other dashboard sections to reflect the agency's latest needs. 

When I speak of teamwork, I include Perfect in that mindset, specifically our interactions with Krystal Zamora and Mary Joy Pada. Krystal and Mary Joy's excellent customer service and collaboration elevated our performance during the site visit. We want to thank Note-e-fied, Inc. and are looking forward to the amazing things our continued partnership will yield to make a difference in people's lives."

- Von De Guzman, Administrator 

"We want to take a moment to express how grateful we are for the incredible help that Note-e-fied [Customer Support] demonstrated during our JCAHO survey [last] April 3-6, 2018.

The support we received was friendly, professional, supportive, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient. Regardless of who [was] on the other end of the line, the people at Note-e-fied were always professional and helpful.

Two thumbs up for their rapid response and quick resolving of issues that came our way! Shout out to Krystal Zamora, the best tech support we had, knowing we can get help [whenever] we needed it. Keep up the good work!"

- Jocelyn Carandang - Case Manager

“On behalf of Lavanda, I wanted to thank the entire team at Note-e-fied for all of your support during our survey time. You guys were all patient and helpful and we are proud to have passed the survey with Note-e-fied by our side. Thanks again and looking forward to the future growth of our company with Note-e-fied.”

– Leyla Reyes – HR Manager

“I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude as well to the developers and staff of Perfect for their unrelentless effort and support to all our requests. The software made it easy for us to provide the surveyors everything that they asked for in the clinical record. The phone application made it easier and faster for our field staff to verify their visit and submit their notes. They even had a dedicated person just to be on standby for us during the survey process to assist us with any software needs. How can you beat that?“

– Anadaisy Garcia – DCPS/Agency Administrator

“I would like to thank all our staff for their cooperation and patience amidst all the pressures and hecticity of both surveys. Your collective commitment to adhere with our agency policies and procedures is truly a big contribution to the success of our company’s operations. I would also like to sincerely thank the management and staff of Note-e-fied for their support during the survey. The simplicity in the layout of Perfect Software makes its maneuverability easier without causing trouble to surveyors in accessing our patients’ electronic clinical records. I should mention as well, that, having in mind one adept staff from Perfect Software dedicated to answer our calls during surveys makes us feel secured and reassured.”

– Edmund Else – Agency Administrator

“We at Valley Care would like to express our sincerest appreciation and deepest gratitude to the Management and Staff of Note-e-fied Inc. for devoting their time and manpower to assist us during this, our most challenging survey yet! This is our very first survey using Perfect, and we are so glad we switched! Our excellence at Valley Care is in part a reflection of the highest quality and reliability that Perfect has provided for us and all their clients. It was indeed challenging but we made it through with great SUCCESS!!! Thank you Note-e-fied Inc., we couldn’t have done it without you!! MORE POWER TO YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Shout out to Miss Guia Deguzman, who is our angel and savior!!!”

– Leilani Gonzales – President

“Note-e-fied was able to provide us a quick turnaround response for the additional forms during the survey.”

– Ric Zamora – President/CEO

“I just want to say to you guys is that you were there throughout the process and you guys were timely.”

– Ryan Canlas – Owner

Roselle Clark - Director of Patient Care Services

“This one is very simple because you click on to what your working on. It’s kind of self explanatory and leads you where you need to go. If you need to do the orders you just click on to it. If you need to do your visit note you just click on to it, and you save it, sign it, review it and your done.”

Emilia Rosales - Administrator

“What I love about Sincere is that when you go to the home page you see everything, so that’s really great.”

“We appreciated the help of the whole Note-e-fied team for reassuring us that we have standby support to assist and prioritize our concerns/requests which helped lessen our anxiety during the survey.”

– Cecile de Asis – DoPCS

“I’m excited and the surveyor was really excited about the system and she was just like ‘this one was the best system I’ve ever seen.’ Clinically you guys listen to the nurse and It (Sincere™) is easy for the nurses to use.”

– Angela Hillesheim – CEO/Administrator

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