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IDT Session Portal

This feature enables the assigned discipline, together with the Physician and Hospice Director, to easily collaborate and review patient documents. It will help the team identify and address each patient’s problems and monitor the progress towards patient and family goals. The system’s user-friendly interface, enables the assigned team to quickly navigate the patient’s chart in just a few clicks. It is a highly-organized portal allowing each assigned staff to have a better and clearer picture of the patient’s needs. This feature will definitely increase overall efficiency, accuracy and productivity of your agency.

Sincere Hospice Software - IDT Session Portal

Customizable Dashboard

With Sincere’s™ real time dashboard, everything you need is within your reach! Be blown away by the organized work flow, ease of access to important information and the simple yet formidable user interface Sincere™ Software can provide. The dashboard offers a real time monitoring of your agency’s activities paving a way to dynamic improvements on clinical efficiency and additional benefits to the agency owners and administrators.

Sincere Hospice Software - Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Notes

We at Note-E-fied always listen to your every need. That is why your preference would always come on top of the list. We can customize your notes in accordance to your inclination. All you need to do is to submit your preferred notes format to your Note-E-fied team and we will have it customized and integrate inside Sincere software application.

Sincere Hospice Software - Customizable Notes

Live Chat

Take the delight of being able to communicate and collaborate with the other staff or physicians using the Sincere Live Chat. Enables clinicians to freely interact with one another in a smooth and hassle-free way while working on the patient’s chart. Need assistance with the software? A Note-e-fied chat support agent is also available online to assist you. Our agents always does an exemplary job of assisting you in a more modern, prompt and personal way.

Sincere Hospice Software - Live Chat

Mobile Application

Easy access whenever, wherever. Sincere software is also available in a revolutionary mobile application. Clinicians can now document the patient’s chart, plan and check their visit schedule, create their visit notes and orders with ease and convenience. The app has a very unique feature that enables users to take pictures, verify visit and automatically sync to the patient’s chart. Helps facilitate real-time update of patient record in a snap! Giving a boost in clinical efficiency and compliance.

Sincere Hospice Software - Mobile Application

User-Friendly Navigation Pane

Sincere Software is specially designed to cater the agency’s needs and the disciple on the field. The ease and simplicity of Sincere™ provides a real time full access to the patient’s chart. All necessary information is organized in an effectively detailed but convenient manner, allowing each staff to easily navigate and access through each of the charts. Clinicians can now accomplish and submit documents in no time.

Sincere Hospice Software - User-Friendly Navigation Pane