Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard provides a convenient and efficient way for users to see valuable sets of information at a glance. Our dynamic charts were developed with the home health administrative staff in mind helping them get detailed information at a quick click of a button! The dashboard is a quick and easy way to view the agency’s status of operation in real time. Allowing agency owners and administrators to make adjustments and respond to issues ensuring their home health agency says efficient yet compliant.  

Perfect Home Health Software - CUstomizable Dashboard

Customizable Notes

Every agency is not the same, nor is the documentation they wish to use. We customize documentation according to your needs and preferences. 

Perfect Home Health Software - Customizable Notes

Vital Sign Parameter Alert

Vital sign monitoring is a fundamental component of nursing care. The vital sign parameter graph provides a simple and effective tool for documenting, monitoring and reviewing the vital signs of the patient. In addition, We have implemented an Alert System that notifies your care staff if a patients vitals are reported outside of the Plan of Care Parameters.  This amazing tool allows your team to keep up with patient conditions and be proactive in ensuring that they are providing the best possible care to their patients.

Perfect Home Health Software - Vital Signs Parameter Alert

Mobile Application

Perfect™ Software comes with an easy to use, intuitive home health mobile app for both Android and iOS. Your clinical staffs can verify patient and visit information, create orders and communication notes easily, as well as get signature on your agencies admission packet electronically. The app also allows you to take wound pictures that will automatically sync to the patient’s chart. The mobile app facilitates better decision and care delivery with the latest patient information— all in the palm of your hand. Clinicians can spend more time on patient care and less on paperwork, increasing field staff productivity and compliance at each visit!

Perfect Home Health Software - Mobile Application

Physician Portal

Our easy-to-use interface allows physicians to review and electronically sign orders and care plans right from the web.   Once the documentation is signed, your agencies will be notified, the order will automatically be updated with the doctors signature and tracked back into the software, improving operational efficiency, and productivity. 

Perfect Home Health Software - Physician Portal

Live Chat

With the Live Chat feature in Perfect Software, your home health staff can enjoy the convenience of coordinating and collaborating with one another through our push notification chat.

Have a question for our support team? Simply reach out to one of our  Note-e-fied chat support agent to get quick online assistance.

Perfect Home Health Software - Live Chat