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Clinical services

Creative solutions to increase productivity and profitability within a healthcare organization.

ICD 10 Compliance


Our team members are trained in ICD 10 coding services, a new set of codes that’s sure to increase the number of healthcare diagnoses to 68,000 and the number of procedures to 87,000. With a total of over 139,000 procedures and diagnoses, we can help you prepare for the increasing demands in the industry. With our knowledge and proficiency in the subject, you can easily cope with the increasing detail.

Quality Assurance


Our home health software solutions are completed in compliance with the guidelines and conventions approved by CMS. Each specialist looks for any chart and coding discrepancies among therapists, medical professionals, and patients. By eliminating errors and providing quality assurance, we help increase revenue and correct discrepancies.

Increased Revenue


We use multiple coding methods to help increase revenue. Paying maximum attention to accuracy, we also facilitate maximum allowable reimbursement depending on the patient data. We help save money by auditing thoroughly for errors and discrepancies.


If you are looking to outsource solutions without sacrificing quality and service, we can help you. Our full service solutions provide you with interpreted data in order to swiftly transcribe your data and information into a usable format for auditing and record keeping purposes.

Note-e-fied Incorporated is the first company of its kind to offer a complete range of home care services. With our state-of-the-art software solutions, your healthcare organization can perform a seamless information transfer, enhance collaboration, increase efficiency and reduce error.

  • Eligibility Check
  • SOC Packet Preparation
  • OASIS Transcription
  • ICD 9/10 Coding
  • Plan of Care Transcription (Form 485)
  • Managed Care Coding
  • Visit Note Transcription
  • Technical Chart Audit
  • Clinical Chart Audit
  • Billing Services
  • On-Call Services
  • Satisfaction Survey